The commercial pilot certificate is your next step in becoming a professional pilot, it hones and polishes you into a well tuned flying machine where you and your plane become one. The commercial training perfects your skills using the maximum performance of the aircraft. You will learn the art of flying with precision and smoothness of control applications. You will fly the advanced maneuvers such as chandelles and lazy eights and know how to use the advanced systems on high performance aircraft. The aircraft will become an extension of you.

Instructional Areas

  • Advanced Maneuvers
  • Complex Aircraft
  • Line Inspections
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Maximum Performance
  • Takeoff/Landing
  • Precision Approaches
  • Cross-Country

Requirements for Commercial Pilot Certificate

  • 18 years of age
  • Second Class Medical
  • Flight experience requirements:
    • 250 hours total time including:
      • 100 hours Pilot in Command
      • 50 hours Cross Country
      • 20 hours of flight instruction with:
      • 10 hours of instrument flight instruction
      • 10 hours in a complex aircraft
      • 2 hours cross-country day VFR flight
      • 2 hours cross-country night VFR flight
      • 3 hours test preparation
      • 10 hours solo flight training with:
      • 1 cross-country flight of 300 nm
      • 5 hours of night VFR practice
  • Successful completion of the FAA Commercial Pilot Knowledge Exam and FAA Practical Exam